Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado is a visual artist originally from Mexico. After moving to London to study, Delgado emerged in 2011 as one of London's most important street artists of the 21st century with a cult following. Delgado's work is both populist and conceptual; he is known for his miniature paste-up scenes in which he rearranges existing imagery from mass media or popular culture into new compositions in a surreal and humorous way.

Delgado's early work consisted of tiny doorways pasted up around the walls of East London. He then started working with “the figures that came out of these doors”, attempting to reflect the rich mix of cultures that makes London so cosmopolitan. Collecting imagery from books, magazines and the Internet, Delgado uses instantly recognisable symbols and detaches them from their source. Interested in storytelling, Delgado uses juxtaposition in order to create a conversation between the elements of his work, leading to multiple layers of meaning. As Delgado says, his miniature scenes have a Mexican influence, inspired by traditional offerings. The small scale of his works also reflects environmental and social concerns. Delgado is often cited as saying that there are too many people in the world using too many resources; his art is small in order to reflect our need to 'be less'. 

Delgado's technique involves stripping the imagery of its colour before it is rearranged into his unique scenes. Bright colour is then put back into his works to draw attention to individual elements. Once pasted on a wall, his scenes are brought to life with highly detailed black shadows painted on the pavement. An important element of Delgado's work is site-specificity. When working outside, Delgado carefully chooses the locations for his work to contribute to the story. Though his works are inherently flat, Delgado utilises existing architectural elements to give his work three-dimensionality. His ephemeral works have a dreamlike quality and are often hidden from obvious sight. His work focuses on interaction, engagement and an active participation with the viewer; his artworks make you think, move and follow your curiosity to discover them.

Delgado has exhibited his work around the world and his work is held in important collections by institutions such as The Courtauld Institute of Art.  

Pablo Delgado's first exhibition at Howard Griffin Gallery London entitled Even Less occurred in May 2014.  

In February 2015 Delgado staged his debut US exhibition at Howard Griffin Gallery Los Angeles, the show was entitled On Their Level

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